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Breast Reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction?
Breast reconstructive plastic surgery can be performed during or after a mastectomy for breast cancer to restore symmetry between the two breasts. It replaces skin, breast tissue, and the nipple that are removed during a mastectomy. The amount of tissue removed varies with each mastectomy based on the width, size, and location of the original tumor, and how close it is to the axilla, where the lymph glands are removed.

About the Procedure:
If youíve decided on reconstructive surgery, your LSU Plastic Surgeon will help you decide when to have the surgery (during or after the mastectomy) and which option is best for you. Itís a personal and individual decision, since the prospects of living without all or part of a breast affects every woman differently. Taking into account your goals and medical condition, there are several surgical options to consider, such as reconstruction using breast implants or flaps of tissue moved from other parts of the body.

 The reconstruction procedure varies from patient to patient. Typically, women return to normal activities within six weeks after reconstructive surgery, and to strenuous exercise after several weeks.


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